sermon 42



I gave her time to repent
(Part 2 of "the condemnation cycle)

Are you a non-believer who had mocked God and His people, but you're finally ready to give your life over to the Lord? Have you been involved in witchcraft and you've cast spells or hexes on the Lord's people, but you're finally ready to give your heart over to God? If so, this message is for you.

sermon 41



the condemnation cycle  (part 1 of "it's time to come home")

This sermon focuses on something I like to call, "the condemnation cycle." This is for the atheists, the backsliders, the luke-warm Christians, and anyone who has ever turned away from God.

sermon 40



Spiritual warfare: The Real pokemon battle (part 3)
(Part 20 of the spiritual warfare series)

This message is not only the last sermon of the "Pokemon" series, it is the final sermon of the "Spiritual Warfare" series! It's been a long time coming. Now, let's look into different elements (air, water, fire, earth) to see how God would make the ultimate Pokemon.

sermon 39



SPiritual warfare: The Real Pokemon battle (part 2)
(part 19 of the spiritual warfare series)

In this sermon, we look into the epic "real life Pokemon battle" that took place on Mount Carmel. We also learn that in the end, every knee shall bow to the one, true God. Even your false god's knee.

sermon 38



Spiritual warfare: The real pokemon battle (part 1)
(part 18 of the spiritual warfare series)

In this sermon, we will examine a variety of verses to finally understand how to engage in spiritual warfare. For those of you who have been listening to this long, extensive series, this is definately the message you've been waiting for.

sermon 37



wicked witch of the west
(part 17 of the spiritual warfare series)

This simple sermon is on witchcraft (which is just the devil's terrible counterfit of the works of God through the Holy Spirit). It picks up where the sermon "Jezebel's Control and Manipulation" left off.

sermon 36



Korah's conceit, deceit, and rebellion
(part 16 of the spiritual warfare series)

This seromon is on a spirit that is causing rebellion and division in the church today: Korah. But don't be fooled! This spirit can be alive not only in the congregation, but in the pastor (and other leaders) as well. Also, other spirits are discussed as well.

sermon 35



Offence and Absolom's Biterness and Butt-hurtness
(sermon 15 of the spiritual warfare series)

This very in depth sermon explains why it's so hard for us to forgive and let go: bitterness. Also, we find out what force is behind excesive and unnecessary uses of the "race card": the spirit of offence.

sermon 34



religion and tradition's respect of persons
(part 14 of the spiritual warfare series)

This very important sermon exposes two spirits that are tearing up the churches from the inside, out in an oh-so subtle way. The spirits of religion and tradition make church about people instead of God. We must understand... there is a HUGE difference between religion and a relationship with God.

sermon 33



Python and antichrist's intimidation and opposition
(part 13 of the spiritual warfare series)

This important message challenges this chosen generation to rise up against the Python and Antichrist spirits. The Python spirit wants to choke the spiritual life out of you. And its tag-team partner is the well known Antichrist spirit.